How Much Does Hiring A Surrogate Mother Cost?

How Much Does Hiring A Surrogate Mother Cost?

There can be several reasons why couples wishing to have children might opt for a surrogacy. The two major types of surrogacy are gestational and traditional surrogacy. In case of the former, pregnancy takes place via IVF or in-Vitro Fertilization, where the child is genetically unrelated to the surrogate mother. In the latter, the surrogate is impregnated artificially with the sperm of the father, and the child is genetically linked to the surrogate. An In Depth Study On IVF Success Rates would be highly recommended here.


  • Either or both of them might be unable to produce viable gametes.
  • The mother may have undergone a hysterectomy, in which the uterus is surgically removed.
  • There might be other medical conditions that make pregnancy risky, such as auto-immune diseases, cardiac disease and problems of the uterus or fallopian tubes.
  • Same-sex couples have to hire a surrogate if they wish to have a child.
  • Most heterosexual couples go for surrogacy when other methods of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) like In Vitro Fertilization have failed to help.


Finding a Surrogate Mother:


Some people request their close friends or family members to be surrogates, due to the high surrogate mother cost from an agency, but this is somewhat controversial. Traditional surrogacy is not advised in case one has chosen a first-degree relative to be a surrogate, though gestational surrogacy is fine. Most parents, however, prefer to contact a surrogacy agency to arrange a suitable surrogate mother for them.


In any case, gestational surrogacy is much preferred over traditional surrogacy as the baby is the biological offspring of the parents, and the legalities of the process are less complex than traditional surrogacy.


Cost of Hiring a Surrogate


The surrogate mother cost working through an agency can vary, depending upon, age, experience, cost of healthcare and other factors. The estimated costs are given below:


  • Fees charged by the agency: $12,000-$20,000
  • Lawyer’s Fees: $2500-$5000 (Including charges for drafting of contract, insurance, birth certificate procurement)
  • Surrogate’s compensation: $25000-$30000 (more in case the surrogate is experienced and an extra $5000 in case of twins, $10000 in case of triplets and so on)-This is to be paid in monthly installments of $3000 after the second confirmation of heartbeat.
  • Reimbursements: These are to be paid to the surrogate, including short-term life insurance, maternity clothing allowance, doctor consultation/lab-tests/delivery, nutritional supplements, home visits, compensation for lost wages at existing workplace (if applicable), transport cost reimbursement.
  • Additional: An additional $500 is to be paid for any invasive procedure carried out on the surrogate like amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling (CVS), fetal blood tests, Embryo Reduction among others.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: These may include housekeeping allowance for the surrogate if she needs bed rest, psychological counseling, extra fees for caesarean section delivery and others.


The total surrogate mother cost through IVF can be anything from $65000-$80000, where cost of performing IVF procedure is not included. However, as mentioned earlier, these costs are just an estimate. Actual surrogate mother costs might be lower or higher depending upon the variable costs involved in the couple’s insurance policy, medical faculty arrangements and overall arrangements. It is important to do extensive research at a surrogacy agency near you and consult doctors to get a more accurate estimate. There are some Factors that Influence IVF Success Rates, which could be found on this website.

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